Hyper-V Is Shit

I’ve finally had it with Hyper-V. It’s got to be the most frustrating, broken virtualization implementation in the world. Every other VM implementation makes it as easy as possible to administer and manage the environment, Microsoft it seems tries their best to make it as hard as possible. Never mind the amount of work required to manage a Hyper-V that’s not on a domain, stuff like shared nothing migration is an absolute headache, ISO files on network share? good luck with that. Every little task requires pouring through documentation just to figure it out. The last one was a final straw. Tried installing Windows Server 2012 (not R2) on Hyper-V R2. Can’t get past serial # entry because Hyper-V doesn’t seem to know how to send keys to the virtual machine, after doing some Google searches the solution is to use the on-screen accessibility keyboard. Really? What. The. Fuck.

Until Microsoft gets their shit together, it’s back to VMWare and Proxmox for me.

And don’t even get me started on Microsoft forcing a touchscreen-based GUI on Server based products.

End Rant.

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